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I will be using this lawn care service from now on. They have super low rates and their gardeners are good at what they do. Better than any others in the neighbourhood.

  • Greta D.

Just moved into a new place and it was in some serious need of garden maintenance! There were weeds, overgrown flowers, and just a lot of unsightly work. It made the whole place look shoddy. Anyways, I hired Lawn Care Service Swiss Cottage and I highly recommend them. They did great, and had very competitive prices.

  • George F.

I hate gardening, so I called Swiss Cottage Garden Designers to pop over and trim a shrub or two. They did a nice job, I can deal with it all now.

  • Mike

I'd had a large tree in my garden for years now but it was time for it to be removed. It required too much effort to keep it from overgrowing and it grew faster than I could keep up with it. I talked with Gardening Service Swiss Cottage about removing it and they assured me they could do it safely. I was soon visited by their tree surgeons and they had the tree gone by the end of the afternoon. They disposed of everything, giving me a full service and a tree-free back garden.

  • Kyle Gillen

I would highly recommend this company! My sister and I both use them and although we have used others, we would not dream of changing service providers! We love working with Gardening Service Swiss Cottage and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and reliable team of gardening experts!

  • Daisy Sanders

When it comes to hedge trimming, Gardening Service Swiss Cottage are the people you want to hire. I have used their services several times and on each occasion they have given me the best looking hedges in the area. They make sure that the hedges are neat and healthy, and will get rid of any leaves and twigs and other mess they make doing the job. They got things done quickly and well, so I can't recommend them enough.

  • Alan Price

As a part of the moving out exercise, we wanted a garden tidy up service to be taken care of. The landlord suggested Gardeners Swiss Cottage as he had been using their service for some time now. Their service is value for money and quick as well. By the time we finished clearing up the home, the team was wrapping up as well. We have given them the contract for our new home as well. Excellent work, they work with such precision and dedication.

  • Georgia Thomas

Having heard bad things from friends about gardening companies, I didn't know what to expect when I needed to hire one myself. Thankfully I enjoyed a fabulous experience, all thanks to Landscaping Company Swiss Cottage and their brilliant team of gardeners. They cleared away the mess from my garden in no time at all and cut my hedges and lawn making them neat and easy to maintain. All in all a brilliant service!

  • Valentine

If you need a garden landscaping service I would highly recommend the landscape gardeners at Swiss Cottage Garden Designers. Their garden design service is really affordable and their gardening services expert. I am really happy with their prices and the quality of their gardening services.

  • Janine

The fencing work done by Swiss Cottage Garden Designers is superb. The lawn mowing and leaf clearance work undertaken in the front and back garden has been done meticulously. We now love using the back garden to host our friends and families over dinner.

  • R. Cradeley

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